Since July 2004, I’ve a Sharp Zauruzaurussl-c1000s PDA. It runs linux, so it’s very flexible re. developing, compiling and installing your own programs. However, there are several kinds of Zauruses and several kinds of ROMs for those Zauruses. Hence, a lot of the Zaurus software available on the net didn’t work on my Zaurus with the standard Sharp ROM on it. My first Zaurus was an SL-C860, but now I have an SL-C1000.

For those programs that I didn’t get to work or just weren’t available for the Zaurus with standard ROM, I’ve set up my own feed at:

Since I’ve switched to the Cacko 1.23 ROM, I’ve made a special feed for that ROM as well:

In the following sections, I’ve listed some of the packages I’ve built.


First of all, I included an smbclient package, which is useful for printing to a shared printer directly from the Zaurus. The packages that go with it are smbmnt, rpcclient and smbspool.


The useful file synchronisation tool, by the makers of Samba.


Then, I added a host of packages for using Amateur Packet Radio (AX.25) on the Zaurus: ax25-modules, ax25-apps, libax25, soundmodem(!), and aprsd along with their dependencies: libaudiofile, libxml, zlib, libncurses5. This should be interesting for the qpeQPS guys, who are planning to add APRS to their program.


I got to know about a great, addictive game, called SuperTux. It was great fun to play on my PC and it only required SDL, so I figured I should try to get it to run on my zaurus too. I’ve added the following packages to my feed: libpng12, libjpeg, libSDL, libSDL-mixer, libSDL-image, sudo and supertux.

<note important>Supertux is quite resource-hungry. It’ll run just fast enough (12fps) and eats about 40MB of RAM. That is after I converted it to fixed-point arithmetic. The installed size of supertux 0.1.2 is about 7MB.</note>


Corsair is an RSS aggregator and podcast client. I’ve adapted it to the SL-C… series Zaurus.


OpenOBEX is a library that implements the Object Exchange protocol used for zapping files between devices over IrDA or Bluetooth. That’s IrDA for the Zaurus. Together with ObexFTP, it provides a useful tool to access the file system on Siemens mobile phones from the Zaurus. And that’s useful if you want to install J2ME MIDlets on that phone ;-).


Kopi is a Java compiler that runs on the Zaurus. Nice for on-board Java hacking.

VideoLanClient / Video4Linux

I’ve recompiled VLC and Video4Linux to experiment with webcams on the Zaurus. The Video4Linux package also includes the spca5xx webcam driver, such that it works with my Logitech Quickcam Express webcam.


ScummVM already existed for the zaurus, but had some unfortunate keymappings. I’ve changed those and compiled a newer version as well.


I’ve built the Subversion client for the zaurus, which I used to store my PhD dissertation files. Together with Emacs, which was already available for the zaurus, and the TeTeX image below, I had everything I needed to do some mobile LaTeX editing.


I’ve found a TeTeX version on the Net, which was already compiled for the zaurus, but the package was too large at that time. I’ve repacked the whole thing inside a cramfs image, such that it can be stored on SD card and mounted.


I’ve packaged the Instant Messenger case study for MDA for the zaurus. There’s a Jeode and a J2ME Personal Profile version.

Xine SSH Remote

This is a small Java applet that uses the system’s SSH client to send commands to a remote Xine instance.

Totem SSH Remote

This is a small Java applet that uses the system’s SSH client to send commands to a remote Totem instance.

Note that you need to patch your totem player to use status updates (playing position, title, volume, etc.). The spec file and patches are available here:

You can use above sources by downloading and installing the totem source rpm first. Then, put the above spec file in the rpm SPECS directory and the patch files in the rpm SOURCES directory. Then, from the SPECS directory, run:

$ rpmbuild -bb totem.spec

Ready-to-use packages for Fedora 10, x86_64, are available too:

# rpm --import
# rpm -Uvh --force


Some time ago, I’ve packaged the AX.25 stuff for the zaurus, including aprsd. As qpeGPS is no longer maintained, I’ve decided to give Xastir a shot. To make it work, I compiled the whole X/QT project, LessTif and ImageMagick.