This page is about the Nokia N770/N800/N810 Internet Tablet series. Like the Zaurus, it also runs Linux in the form of the Maemo platform. As an exercise in software portability, I’ve started porting software I’ve built for the Zaurus to the Maemo platform.

The Nokia N800


The Nokia N900


Totem SSH Remote

This is a small Java applet that uses the system’s SSH client to send commands to a remote Totem instance. It requires the Jalimo Java runtime environment.


Note that you need to patch your totem player to use status updates (playing position, title, volume, etc.). The spec file and patches are available here:

You can use above sources by downloading and installing the totem source rpm first. Then, put the above spec file in the rpm SPECS directory and the patch files in the rpm SOURCES directory. Then, from the SPECS directory, run:

$ rpmbuild -bb totem.spec

Ready-to-use packages for Fedora 10, x86_64, are available too:

# rpm --import
# rpm -Uvh --force